Guten tag, mon ami! Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? Many people have, but many never take the steps to making it happen.

For some, it’s a matter of thinking you don’t have enough time; mastering a foreign tongue takes a while, after all. For others, it’s a matter of thinking you don’t have enough money; for better or worse, there’s a price on knowledge. Still others simply don’t know where to begin or lack the confidence to try.

Pimsleur wants to give YOU the opportunity to dip your toes into the world of languages! Pimsleur is offering you a 7-day FREE trial of the Pimsleur Approach to help you get your journey started!

But why pick Pimsleur of all places? In our increasingly connected world, everyone seems to be itching to learn how to communicate with people from around the globe. The market for language-learning services isn’t hurting for options either!

What sets Pimsleur apart is it knows how to get you learning – and speaking – a new language fast. It’s all thanks to its namesake, Professor Paul Pimsleur. 50 years ago, he had a realization that the standard classroom way of language-learning was a severely ineffective strategy.

How do native speakers learn their own language? Well, they just grow up around it and pick it up as they grow up, right? Precisely. You don’t see any three-year-olds running around and carrying a dictionary! They just absorb the language from their environment.

Most language-learning programs, whether in a classroom or on your computer, will rely heavily on vocabulary lists and mindless repetition. Dr. Pimsleur realized this just wasn’t natural!

In turn, the Pimsleur Approach aims to teach you a language by immersing you in it. You’ll be hearing it spoken in natural conversations, as native speakers do. This doesn’t just help you learn the language faster, but helps you get more practical speaking skills such as knowing how to use the correct accent, cadence, and other things not necessarily taught in a textbook.

With the Pimsleur Approach, you can be saying complete sentences in your target language by the end of your FIRST week! With regular practice, you can hold a basic conversation (with a near-native accent, no less!) in as little as 30 days!

Pimsleur’s services are available in over 50 languages, ranging from Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese to Pashto, Ojibwe, and Twi! Start your Pimsleur 7-day FREE trial today and unlock a whole new world!