When it comes to personal care items, we all have favorite brands we turn to in order to keep us feeling in tip-top shape and feeling our best. Something about your favorite brands that you may not realize is many of them fall under the same parent company.

Yes, even though the products you use all are different brand names, they could have the same big boss, if you will.

One of those “big bosses” in the personal care game is Unilever. The Unilever family of personal care items includes major brands such as Axe, Suave, Degree, PONDS, Nexxus, Dove, Baby Dove, Dove Men + Care, Noxzema, Caress, Love Beauty + Planet, Tresemmé, Suave Men, Simple, St. Ives, Q-Tips, Vaseline, Lever 2000, and so many other brands as well.

Do these brands sound familiar to you? How many of them do you currently have in your home? How often do you buy these personal care items? If you have purchased any of these brands within the last six months, you could consider yourself a Unilever aficionado.

During today’s economic times, it is always important to find ways to save money when you go shopping for a variety of reasons. You may be trying to save for a new home or a new car. You may be trying to save for college or your children’s college. You may be short on cash and need every bit of savings to help pay your monthly rent. The possibilities are endless on why it is important to you to save money.

Unilever wants to help YOU save money when you purchase its brands’ personal care products. How do we know this? We know this because Unilever created a newsletter in order to send you savings opportunities directly to your inbox.

When you sign up for Unilever’s newsletter today, you will automatically receive an email in your inbox with up to $5 in coupons for your favorite Unilever personal care brands and products so you can start saving immediately.

Signing up for the newsletter is an absolute breeze. It will take you literally less than two minutes to sign up for it. You simply fill out your standard registration details—obviously including your name and email—and then you select which Unilever-branded products you have purchased within the last six months from a pre-generated list. Then you hit the submit button and you are all signed up for the newsletter.

The newsletter will not only send you savings opportunities like coupons, but it can also include free samples opportunities of Unilever products. It can also contain breaking Unilever news about its brands’ new products and new scents. You can also find out about great and delicious recipes to use Unilever-brand food products in and new flavors for its food products.

The content in the Unilever newsletter is always evolving and it will rarely be the same. The only time you may see a “repeat” of content is when Unilever is offering you coupons for the products you use the most.

It is free to sign up for the Unilever newsletter, so make sure you sign up for it today and receive up to $5 in coupons to use on your favorite Unilever personal care products immediately.