What are you looking for in a sample? Do you want something familiar yet different? Or do you want something completely unlike anything you have ever tried before?

Maybe you want a little bit of both, but how could you ever get both of those feelings from the same item? They are complete opposites, right?

Here is an opportunity for you to bridge that gap. Hit up our friends at Samples and Savings. The company is looking for people who would love to receive samples of Lay’s potato chips!

Now, you might think this sounds a bit mundane, which is an understandable thought to have at first. But Samples and Savings has more planned than just sending you a singular bag of original potato chips.

Samples and Savings knows Lay’s is constantly seeking to expand its flavor roster and better its current line-up. YOU can be part of that decision-making process. The company wants to get opinions on potato chip flavors from people just like you. After all, when its business relies on customer satisfaction, it is people like you who are the boss.

When you sign up for Lay’s samples, you will be on the forefront of all the experiments the company wants to run and all the surprises it has planned. It will be just like you are a member of a very exclusive club, or even a board of directors.

If Lay’s wants to try a new flavor – which happens often – you will be the first to know about it courtesy of Samples and Savings! Try it. Love it? That is great! Do you not love the flavor? Lay’s wants to know why. Your feedback will be heard and changes will be made accordingly.

Occasionally, Lay’s wants to mix up the formula of one of its flavors. Samples and Savings will run it by YOU so you can try it before Lay’s commits to officially changing the formula. Do you like the flavor of the chips better before or after the change? Do you love both and you do not know which to pick? Do you have any ideas for how Lay’s can improve either formula? You have the company’s ear!

Samples and Savings may even have you try one of Lay’s more obscure flavors. Have you ever tried any of these flavors before? Why or why not? Now that you have tried them, what do you think? This could even introduce you to a new favorite flavor you never knew you loved.

As a thanks for your Lay’s feedback, Samples and Savings covers all the costs of shipping and handling. All that is asked of you is a moment of your time to sign up, test the samples and provide your feedback. Considering you get free potato chips out of it, why would you tell the company no?

Sampling Lay’s potato chips brings you all the comforts of a trusted brand while still giving you the opportunity to try something newSign up for Samples and Savings to have Lay’s samples shipped to your door today and feel the familiarity of home while still getting a sense of adventure.

Try all of the Lay’s potato chip varieties and discover whether it is true when they say the more things change, the more they stay the same!