Do you have a lot on your mind? Moreover, do you have a lot of opinions on a lot of different things? Does your mind race with a slew of detailed thoughts and observations every time you try something new?

Even if you said, “sometimes,” you are going to want to keep reading. Do you also have the desire to have these opinions heard? For example, you cannot just bottle them up inside, you need to let someone know (and make sure they listen)? Even if it is the most trivial hot-take on something, you do not want to have your well-formed opinions disappear without telling someone else to validate that your feelings exist?

How is your relationship with big companies? What do you think about the marketing firms that push products and the brands themselves that produce the products? Do you love them and want to help them? Do you hate them and think they are out-of-touch with commoners and you would love to give them an earful? Do you think they could be better if they just listened to their audience? No matter which of these thought processes you can relate to, you probably have something you would want to say to these companies, brands and influencers.

There is a place online where big brands and market research firms alike will not only lend you their ear, but where they are actively seeking your feedback. It is a hub of free thought to answer hot-topic questions. It is like a metropolis of perspectives. It is called OpinionCity.

At OpinionCity, brands need your feedback. They want to make their products better for the people who buy them, so what better way to get a grasp on their consumers’ points of view than to ask the consumers themselves?

This is how it works. You sign up with your standard registration details, then provide some additional details via qualifying questions to get an idea of what surveys would suit you and interest you the most. You are then presented with the best available surveys, polls, free sample opportunities and more based on your background and your interests. Pick and choose the ones you want to participate in and complete. Sometimes they will be from the brands themselves, sometimes from market research firms on the brands’ behalf. There is a little of both on OpinionCity.

New and exciting market research is added daily to OpinionCity as well, so there will always be different market research to participate in and enjoy. OpinionCity also has a very informative blog where you can read about surveys in-depth and learn more details about them. You can also read lots of unique and orignal content pieces about how market research and its results are used in the real world by real companies to improve the products and the world around us. These blogs are a great way to view market research in a new perspective and light.

Payments from the surveys you find on OpinionCity depend on a survey’s breadth and how exclusive its target demographic is. It is important to keep in mind that not all users will qualify to participate in all market research on OpinionCity, though most users do qualify for most opportunities. When it comes to rewards from a survey, some surveys will pay enough for a Value Menu meal, others will pay enough to cover your internet bill for the month. If you really get at it and treat survey-taking as a part-time work-from-home job, you could conceivably make up to $100 per survey or even up to $500 a week!

That probably got you excited. Do not delay on signing up though. The next train to OpinionCity is leaving soon, and you do not want to miss it!