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Only one winner is chosen per day for the $500 VISA gift card. The odds of you winning the prize are dependent on how many total entries there are in the drawing. There needs to be at least 1,000 entries received for the drawing to actually happen and you are not guaranteed to win a prize.

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The possibilities are seemingly endless on what you could buy. You could sample new pieces of technology like video games, headphones, tablets, etc. You could sample many different restaurants and try new food every night for a little bit. You could sample new items at the grocery store that you would never typically buy with your own funds. You could sample new types of clothing from a variety of clothing stores.

You could be super adventurous with what you spend your gift card on because it is not part of your income. Since you would be receiving a gift card and not cash, you cannot allocate the funds for paying bills or rent or anything like that. So, you can use the gift card on anything fun and exciting that you would like and that would be part of the fun of being selected as the winner of this prize.

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