When a mess happens around your house, you do not want to be without cleaning supplies. Trouble is, when nothing is messy, you do not think to add those emergency cleaning supplies to your shopping list. It is a vicious cycle to break when it comes to shopping and having supplies on hand.

You can break that vicious cycle by signing up for Samples and Savings to receive FREE samples of Shout and Shout-products! The people at Samples and Savings can send you trial-sized versions of the classic stain-remover for you to have waiting in the wings for the next time someone winds up with ketchup on their pants or mustard on their shirt.

This is the part where some of you may say you already have Shout in your home. You may say, sure, I will always take a free sample of Shout just to have a little extra, but what would be so special about it otherwise?

If this is what you are thinking, just remember this: Shout is not just one product. Shout is owned by the parent company SC Johnson and SC Johnson also makes a product line of other Shout stain-removing products for all sorts of sizes and situations. These range from surface wipes to laundry additives, and you can sample a bunch of these products. All you have to do is ask the people over at Samples and Savings after you sign up.

When you register with Samples and Savings in order to receive free Shout samples, you will not just be getting the classic Shout you know and love. You will be receiving Shout’s lesser-known products, as mentioned above, as well as new Shout products you cannot even purchase in stores yet!

That is right, you can have a say in the newest Shout products! Your type of Shout brand loyalty is the reason why the company wants to hear your opinions on new, up-and-coming Shout products! Do you like the new product? Do you hate it? What abou the product could be improved? When you get your free experimental Shout sample, you help determine its fate and its improvements.

If this arrangement sounds pretty nifty to you, check out what other brands are partnered with Samples and Savings. You can get free samples of all sorts of products just like Shout! These can be the little-known brands you have never noticed on the store shelves or secret new products that need your approval before they are unleashed upon the world.

Start with Shout and see where else Samples and Savings can take you! You will want to make sure everything in your house is nice and clean to welcome the plethora of free samples entering your home in the future.