Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be realizing you are shopping online for more of the everyday products you use around the house than you ever have before. Usually, you would just visit a local retailer in-person and pick up these items. Nowadays, you tend to place an order for these items online via a website or smartphone app and they are conveniently delivered right to your door. You never have to leave your house to get your favorite products.

Other than its convenience, the best part about online shopping is getting coupons and discount codes from your favorite retailers delivered directly to your email inbox. Then you just have to copy and paste a code in on the checkout page when you place an order. It is simple, right?

But wait. Where did that email with the code go? Did you delete it? Did you accidentally send it to a different folder? Did it end up in your spam folder? You just cannot seem to find the correct email with the discount code you need through all the clutter in your inbox.

Not to worry. This instance happens to the best of us when we are online shopping. The good news is there is a better way to get coupons and discount codes applied to your cart when you are shopping online at your favorite retailers.

You just need to download and install RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder into your web browser and you never have to worry about searching through your email for coupons and discount codes again. Oh, and when you install Deal Finder today through October 31, 2021, you also have a chance to win $5,000 cash or a $200 Amazon gift card.

What Is Deal Finder?

Deal Finder is an easy-to-use, free browser extension made by RetailMeNot that finds discount codes and cash back opportunities and automatically applies them to your shopping cart so you can instantly save as much as you possibly can on your online orders.

Currently, Deal Finder is only available for desktop browsers, not mobile browsers or smartphone apps. You can download and install it onto your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox browser. It is possible to still register for Deal Finder if you are using a mobile device. If you find yourself in this position, RetailMeNot will send you a reminder email to download and install Deal Finder on your desktop browser for when you are able to do so.

It is so easy to use Deal Finder when you shop online. After installing the browser extension, just shop online like you normally do. Deal Finder will alert you when there are deals for the website you are on and it will automatically apply discount codes and cash back opportunities to your cart once you begin your checkout process. The only thing left to do is watch your savings and rewards add up.

Deal Finder works with over 20,000 online retailers to provide you with discount codes and cashback opportunities for while you are online shopping. These top-notch retailers include the likes of Chewy, Domino’s, DoorDash, eBay, Etsy, Famous Footwear, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Lenovo, Macy’s, Office Depot, Office Max, Papa John’s, Sephora, Shein, Staples, Target, Ulta Beauty, Verizon Wireless, Walgreens, WayFair and many more.

In 2020, Deal Finder saved online consumers over $38 million on their online orders. Deal Finder also has found over 550 cash back opportunities for its users. It has also been featured on popular TV shows such as Good Morning America, Inside Edition and The Today Show as well as popular publications such as People and USA Today.

The Deal Finder Sweepstakes

If you are interested in putting Deal Finder onto your favorite desktop browser, now is definitely the time to do so.

When you enter your email, complete RetailMeNot’s registration form and then download and install the Deal Finder browser extension. You will then receive one (1) entry into RetailMeNot’s sweepstakes from now until October 31, 2021.

There is only one (1) entry allowed per person and/or per email address during the promotional period. With your one entry though, you can be randomly drawn to be a winner of a weekly prize or a grand prize.

There are eight (8) winners randomly selected every week for the weekly prize. In total, there will be 64 weekly prize winners (eight winners over the course of eight weeks). A single prize for a singular winner is a $200 Amazon gift card.

The day after the promotional period is over, November 1, 2021, two (2) grand prize winners will be randomly selected from all the entries that have been received. Each of these winners will receive a $5,000 cash prize.

If your entry has been chosen as a winner, you will be contacted by RetailMeNot via email within three (3) business days of the winners being selected. You then have up to ten (10) days to respond back to RetailMeNot to claim your prize, otherwise it will be forfeited.

You can spread the word about Deal Finder’s promotion by sharing a post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In fact, while you are on your social channels, you can also connect with RetailMeNot. RetailMeNot has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Are you ready to start instantly saving while online shopping and have a chance to win a $5,000 cash grand prize or a $200 Amazon gift card? Then you need to register for, download and install RetailMeNot’s Deal Finder browser extension onto your favorite desktop browser today.