The spooky season has arrived yet again! Yes, believe it or not, Halloween is right around the corner. For many Americans in most parts of the country, the weather has just recently evolved from sticky, summer heat to crisp, autumn air. Most major retailers have already started selling Halloween décor, candy and even costumes, too.

Are you ready to start prepping your household and family for the spooky holiday? Have you already begun your preparations? If you have already broken out the Halloween decorations and put them up around the house, your next focus may be planning costumes for your family. After you have that planned, your focus should turn to purchasing Halloween candy.

What approach do you take when it comes to buying Halloween candy at the store? Do you purchase the candy that you like, so if you have leftovers from passing it out on Halloween, you will enjoy eating it? Do you conduct an online search on what the most popular candy brands are and buy those to hand out? Do you choose cool-looking candy or new candy flavors to give out?

No matter what your method or thought process is when it comes to choosing Halloween candy, would it better if you could sample the candy before you buy it?

It absolutely would be the best way to decide on what Halloween candy to pass out. You are in luck because that is what Samples and Savings wants to help you do. When you register to become a Samples and Savings member today, you can receive free Halloween candy samples to try.

Types of Candy to Sample

What Halloween candy can you sample with Samples and Savings? You can find nearly any type of Halloween candy to claim samples of on the site. That being said, it is good to have an idea about what types are actually there.

You can sample traditional types of Halloween candy like candy corn, chocolates wrapped in foil that look like ghosts, chocolates wrapped in foil that look like eyeballs and even mellowcreme pumpkins.

At first, you may not realize what mellowcreme pumpkins are. Typically, Brach’s produces these Halloween candy pumpkins. These candies are really just candy corn formed into the shape and color of a pumpkin. These pumpkin candies are made from sugar, corn syrup, shellac (which gives the candy its waxy coating), gelatin, sesame oil, honey and artificial food colorings.

You can also find samples of more common Halloween candy brands such as Snickers, KitKat, Reese’s peanut butter cups, M&M’s (all the varieties), Skittles (all the varieties), Almond Joy, Twizzlers, Sour Patch Kids, PayDay, Baby Ruth, caramel apple pops, lollipops (all the varieties and brands), Twix and so many more.

Claiming Free Halloween Candy Samples

It is extremely easy to claim your free Halloween candy samples via Samples and Savings. The first step is to sign-up to become a Samples and Savings member, of course. By joining, you will become part of a community of millions of users who are just like you in the fact they are searching high and low for free samples along with coupons.

When you sign-up, you will initially enter your email address. Then, you will enter your other standard registration details such your name, address, birthdate, etc. You will then complete a qualifying survey. Your answers in the survey will help Samples and Savings match you to the free samples and coupons you will be most interested in claiming. Make sure you also check your inbox for Samples and Savingswelcome email so you can confirm your registration. The registration process should take you ten minutes or less to complete.

Once you are registered, you will be taken to a page with many different free samples. Among this list of samples will be various brands and types of Halloween candy. You can choose your favorites to claim, along with any other samples that happen to catch your eye.

When you choose a sample, you will be brought to a page where you can officially redeem your selection. Follow any other instructions from that page when it comes to getting your sample(s) sent to your doorstep.

Other Samples and Savings Features

You can also find many coupons to print out and use at the grocery store on Samples and Savings. There are coupon categories such as groceries, apparel, baby and toddler, beverages, food, healthcare, household, office supplies, personal care products, pet care and more. Some of those coupons in those categories can be for the candy brands you just sampled, so keep your eyes open for those.

Not only can you sample Halloween candy by becoming a Samples and Savings member, but you can then save on your purchase of the candy with coupons from Samples and Savings when you buy more of it at the store later. It does not get much better than that when it comes to trying and purchasing new products.

Additionally, Samples and Savings offers its members the opportunity to participate in various sweepstakes. It also is home to an informational blog where members can read all about shopping and saving tips. Some of the topics on the blog include budgeting, coupon types, sales cycles and more.

The free samples, coupons, sweepstakes opportunities and blog posts on Samples and Savings are updated frequently, so it is important you continue to log back into the website to see what new samples and savings opportunities are waiting for you.

If you are ready to turn the spookiness up on the season in preparation for Halloween, then you will want to become a Samples and Savings member today so you can begin collecting your free Halloween candy samples before the holiday arrives.