The majority of people in the United States love their chocolate. Unfortunately, chocolate tends to be loaded with sugar. For some people, the amount of sugar in their favorite chocolate bar may not matter much to them or their diet.

For other people, the amount of sugar in chocolate can be detrimental to their health whether they have a disease like diabetes or they have a strict diet they need to follow.

If you fall into the latter category, you probably know how difficult it is to quit chocolate. Sometimes you just get that hankering for chocolate or something sweet and there is just no way to fulfill the craving unless you have that piece of chocolate.

There is good news for all you chocolate lovers and non-sugar diet followers out there:  SkinnyMe Chocolate is the solution for all your chocolate needs and you can sign up today to get a free trial box of it.

What Is SkinnyMe Chocolate?

SkinnyMe Chocolate is a rich, creamy, delicious, decadent zero sugar chocolate that is sweetened with all-natural stevia extract instead of sugar. It is also keto-friendly, gluten-free, and super enjoyable without feeling guilty about eating chocolate.

Most other zero-to-low sugar chocolates on the market are sweetened with artificial sugars like maltitol.

Not SkinnyMe Chocolate.

SkinnyMe Chocolate is a finely tuned recipe that is sweetened with all-natural stevia extract. This is a safe and healthy sugar substitute with a glycemic index of zero. It is the primary sweetener in all SkinnyMe Chocolate’s products and it will not disrupt the ketosis process.

As previously mentioned, SkinnyMe Chocolate is made up of a finely tuned recipe. In 2015, the chocolate’s creators set out to find the perfect zero sugar chocolate recipe in their home kitchen. After thousands of attempts, they finally found the perfect recipe that resulted in this zero sugar, keto-friendly, gluten-free, great tasting chocolate.

How to Claim Your Free Trial Box

Currently, SkinnyMe Chocolate is offering you, a true chocolate enthusiast, a free trial box of its product so you can see for yourself just how great SkinnyMe Chocolate Squares are.

To claim your free trial box, simply go to SkinnyMe Chocolate’s website and click on the “Claim Free Trial” button. You will then be directed to choose from four different flavors of chocolate:  almond brownie chocolate, creamy milk chocolate, mint chip ice cream chocolate or strawberry jam chocolate. The almond brownie and milk chocolate flavors are 50 calories per serving while the mint chip and strawberry flavors are 45 calories per serving.

Once you decide, SkinnyMe Chocolate will send you one (1) free 30-piece bag of the chocolate squares flavor of your choice. All you need to do is cover the small shipping and handling fee of $4.95. Your chocolate will then be sent to your doorstep via DHL and it should arrive in approximately three days.

Seven days after receiving your free trial box, SkinnyMe Chocolate will enroll you into its monthly subscription service. This subscription will cost $34.99 per month plus shipping and handling. If you do not wish to continue being enrolled in the subscription, you can cancel at any time by calling the SkinnyMe Chocolate hotline (1-855-354-6917). It is highly likely that you will not want to cancel your enrollment though because you will most likely thoroughly enjoy SkinnyMe Chocolate’s delicious and decadent products.

Other SkinnyMe Chocolate Products

The only SkinnyMe Chocolate products that are eligible for the free trial box are its chocolate squares, but the company overall offers many more products than that. In fact, SkinnyMe Chocolate now offers an ever-growing product line of zero sugar chocolate bars, squares, baking melts, peanut butter cups and hot cocoa which you can find listed on its website if you are interested in purchasing other products separately from your free trial box.

The chocolate bars vary between 45 to 50 calories per serving and come in flavors such as toasted coconut, birthday cake, banana split, candy apple, hot cinnamon, holiday gingerbread, pumpkin pie, almond brownie, bold dark chocolate, exotic sea salt, creamy milk chocolate and mint chip ice cream.

The chocolate squares come in the four flavors previously mentioned as well as powdered donut and blueberry muffin. The squares are also between 45 to 50 calories per serving.

SkinnyMe Chocolate has also created zero sugar baking melts to use in all the baked goods you make. These are 60 calories per serving and come in flavors like milk chocolate, dark chocolate, vanilla bean and cinnamon burst.

The peanut butter cups from SkinnyMe Chocolate are also 60 calories per serving and come in fun flavors like Caribbean coconut, cinnamon raisin, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

The hot cocoa from SkinnyMe Chocolate is one of its newer products. The cocoa is 70 calories per serving and is 99% caffeine-free. It is also keto-friendly. The flavors it comes in include double chocolate, vanilla bean, cinnamon swirl and marshmallow roast.

SkinnyMe Chocolate has clearly come a long way in its product selection since perfecting the recipe of its lone product of dark chocolate squares. If you are ready to try SkinnyMe Chocolate for yourself, sign up for your free trial box today and have a 30-piece bag of chocolate squares sent to your home.

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