In today’s world, it seems like society is cutting the cord on, well, cords more often than not. Most new video game controllers are wireless. Headphones, like the brand Beats, began by having a cord and now they connect to your devices via Bluetooth. Heck, telephones started out with cords and now we have cell phones.

Technology is constantly evolving, and in some case, you do not even need a cord to plug into the wall to charge your cell phone anymore. There are some very efficient wireless charging stations than can do the job just as well as a traditional phone charger.

The next wave of items to become wireless are earbuds. Previously, you would plug an earbud cord into the jack of an iPod or cell phone and you could then listen to music in your ears without disturbing others. Now, these earbuds are evolving to become wireless where they connect to your music playing device via Bluetooth.

Have you been on the hunt for an efficient and effective pair of wireless earbuds? Do you own an Amazon Echo or Amazon Alexa device? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you will be interested in the opportunity that US Product Testing is offering.

When you submit an application to US Product Testing, you will have an opportunity to win the chance to review and keep Amazon Echo Buds. These wireless earbuds are valued to be worth $129. If you are chosen to review them and follow the additional review requirements, they could be yours for free.

How Do I Apply to Review the Amazon Echo Buds?

It is super simple to apply to review and then keep these Amazon Echo Buds thanks to US Product Testing. You simply begin the process by clicking the “apply now” button.

The button will then prompt you to register your details with US Product Testing. You will fill out your standard registration information as directed such as your name, email address, phone number, address, etc. Keep in mind, you must be at least 18 years old and be a U.S. resident to apply.

Once you do this, you will answer a questionnaire about yourself, your lifestyle and your interests. You must fully answer each part of the questionnaire completely to be eligible to be chosen as a US Product Testing product tester.

A select number of applications will be chosen each month to participate in the product test. If you have been chosen as a product tester, you will be contacted via email with the email address you used during your registration.

The Review Process

Once you have been selected, you will be sent a pair of Amazon Echo Buds to test and review. When you have tried out the product, you will be asked to write a thorough, detailed product review. In this review, you will need to include:

  • A 500-word or more written review of the product, your thoughts on it and its effectiveness
  • A video review of you briefly talking about your thoughts on the product after testing it out
  • A few photos of the product and you using the product during the testing process

US Product Testing will also send you a confirmation letter and checklist with the Amazon Echo Buds to ensure you hit all the points you need to hit in your reviews and that you take the correct type of photos during the process.

Once you complete the review process, the Amazon Echo Buds are yours to keep and use whenever you would like.

If you enjoy the process of testing and reviewing products with US Product Testing, then you can also apply to test out other products that fall into categories such as technology, games, shopping, entertainment, home, make-up and many more.

More About Amazon Echo Buds

Do you still have a few questions about Amazon Echo Buds before you officially apply with US Product Testing to test and review the product? There is nothing wrong with doing more research on something before committing to it.

Amazon Echo Buds are wireless earbuds that are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa technology and are also noise cancelling earbuds.

There are three premium microphones/speakers in each earbud which help provide a crisp, balanced sound directly into each of your ears.

The earbuds are compact and lightweight and are designed to essentially seal into your ear with a comfortable fit. In fact, there are multiple different ear tips and wing tips that come with the earbuds so you can find the perfect, comfortable, most secure fit as possible for your ear size. They are even sweat-resistant, too.

The earbuds pair up with the Alexa app on your smartphone and are then able to stream music and podcasts and even read Audible audiobooks to you at your voice-activated command. The earbuds are compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, so you will not have to worry about technology compatibility issues.

The Amazon Echo Buds also have a long-lasting battery life. A simple 15-minute charge can provide you with up to two hours of streaming music. A full-charge can provide you with up to five hours of streaming music. The charging station for the earbuds is its case as well.

After learning a little more about the product, are you ready to test out its capabilities for yourself? Then you need to make sure you submit an application to US Product Testing today so you have an opportunity to be chosen to review and keep a pair of Amazon Echo Buds.

Whether you find the earbuds to be as awesome and effective as advertised or not, make your opinion of the product known once you have tested it out for yourself.