Are you a big fan of nail polish? Do you have a favorite brand of nail polish that you exclusively use? Are you up for using any type of nail polish as long as you like the color?

Regardless of your stance on why you use the types of nail polish that you do, you will be excited to learn that your opportunity to sample a new nail polish brand has arrived.

Thanks to TryProducts, you can apply to sample B. Shaye Happiness Nail Polish from We Are Rugged Beauty today.

About B. Shaye Nail Polish

Baylie Shaye is the creator of B. Shaye Nail Polish in conjunction with We Are Rugged Beauty. Shaye has lived in Michigan her entire life and is a big proponent of the great outdoors as she spent much of her childhood outside with her older brother hunting, kayaking and four-wheeling.

She considers herself to be a tomboy, but also enjoys being girly, so she created this nail polish line for the industrious women out there who exemplify living their best lives by working hard and playing hard.

She created four different nail polish collections with We Are Rugged Beauty. They are Breath of Fresh Air; Mind, Body and Soul; Seven Chakras; and Yoga Moves.

The Happiness nail polish falls under the Breath of Fresh Air collection. It is a classic, bright, sassy red that pairs well with nearly any outfit you could put together and works well for any occasion in which you may have to participate.

Typically, the bottle of nail polish is $14 plus shipping, but it can be yours for free when you apply to sample it with TryProducts.

About We Are Rugged Beauty

We Are Rugged Beauty is a nail polish company whose products can only be found online. The brand is designed to represent the expectations, values and lifestyles of all inspirational women. Its lively nail polish collections come in a wide variety of color palettes so women of all skin tones and ages can enjoy their idea of a perfect nail polish color for their lifestyle.

For example, We Are Rugged Beauty’s customers are those women who are world-class athletes, hunters, military members, farmers, yoga enthusiasts, surfers, mountain climbers, skiiers, hikers, etc. Essentially, anyone under the sun can be a We Are Rugged Beauty enthusiast.

The goal of the nail polish is for women to be able to still feel and look their best while they are out there in the world every day getting after it and living their best lives.

Not only are We Are Rugged Beauty’s nail polishes geared toward women who can do it all, but they are also ethically and responsibility made in the United States.

The nail polish is vegan and is never tested on animals. It is also made without ten harsh chemicals that can be found in other common nail polishes. Some of these ten chemicals that We Are Rugged Beauty’s nail polishes are free from include Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Camphor, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide, Parabens and Acetone.

If you would like to see a list of the ingredients used in We Are Rugged Beauty’s nail polishes, you can click here.

All of We Are Rugged Beauty’s nail polishes come in 15 ml (0.5 fl oz.) bottles and they are made to be easily applied, dry quickly and be incredibly durable.

The nail polishes come in a variety of colors including blacks, whites and greys; browns and brick reds; neutrals and nudes; matte and shimmery metallics; neons; pinks, reds and oranges; purples, plums and deep berry pinks; and yellows, greens and blues.

For example, you can find a nail polish that is a neutral pink like the color of a light pink peony. You can find a sunflower yellow that is bright like a Kansas sunflower. You can find a lavender purple called “Coordination” that is the perfect combination of bright hues and muted highlights. You can find a bold cotton candy pink that can make a statement wherever you go. You can find a camouflage green that reflects the shades of Mother Nature herself. You can find a pumpkin spice that is a deep, vibrant shade of orange that reflects the spicy-warm feeling of real pumpkin spice.

Whatever type of color nail polish you are looking for, We Are Rugged Beauty will have it.

Some of the company’s other inspirations for their nail polish colors include the great outdoors, the holidays, lake days, flowers, good work ethics and more.

We Are Rugged Beauty also has other nail products such as various base and top coats as well as nail strengthening and cuticle treatments.

In fact, the company offers a quick-dry top coat, a gel-finish top coat, a matte top coat, a hydrating base coat and even a 2-in-1 base and top coat. You can also find a lavender nail bed healer, an almond cuticle oil and an avocado cuticle oil in its list of products.

Another neat feature about We Are Rugged Beauty is it is a One Percent for the Planet member. This is a global organization where members contribute at least 1% of its annual sales to environmental causes.

About TryProducts

TryProducts is a top-notch website that partners with companies all across the country to help garner and stir-up brand recognition by offering samples of their best products.

The companies and brands TryProducts partners with vary greatly, but can include food brands, healthcare brands and so many more.

If you would like to apply to sample the B. Shaye Happiness Nail Polish from We Are Rugged Beauty, then you simply need to register with TryProducts. If you are deemed eligible—and most people will be found to be eligible—you will have the nail polish sample sent directly to your home. Once you test the product out, make sure you leave a review on TryProducts’ website and on the We Are Rugged Beauty website.

Are you ready to feel like a powerful human being and look stylish as well? Then you need to register for TryProducts now so you can apply to sample the B. Shaye Happiness Nail Polish from We Are Rugged Beauty today.