Coffee is one of those things where you either drink it or you flat out do not drink. For all the coffee drinkers out there, we know you have a particular way you like your coffee made to order. You may be particular and asks for a certain amount of flavor swirls, a specific amount of cream and sugar or maybe you need a dairy-alternative sweetener in your coffee. Maybe you simply enjoy plain, black coffee.

In short, regardless of your order, your coffee is as unique as you are.

You most likely have a brand of coffee you really enjoy, too. This brand could be a particular café you like to go to or a specific brand you like to buy from your local grocery store.

Today is the day you mix up your normal morning routine though. You can do this by registering with TryProducts so you can sample different flavored coffees from Golden Made Kafé.

Golden Made Kafé Coffee

Golden Made Kafé was created in 2019 by Laure Lemboumba and is based in Houston, TX. Lemboumba is originally from Gabon in central Africa, but grew up in France, then moved to Texas so she could get her degree in supply chain management from the University of Houston-Downtown. She earned her degree in 2014, then went on to create her own business five years later.

Currently, Golden Made Kafé offers five unique flavors of 100% Arabic, high-quality, freshly roasted coffee.

Its Golden Hazelnut coffee tastes like hazelnuts are coming right out from their shells and into your morning cup of joe.

Its Golden Salt Caramel coffee features creamy and rich caramel notes that will have you eagerly going back to your coffee mug for another sip.

Its Chocolate Marshmallow coffee tastes like dessert in a cup thanks to its rich, sweet and creamy flavors and aromas. It is as if you are having a cup of hot cocoa with your morning coffee.

Its Sweet N’ Pecan coffee mixes hints of cinnamon, Southern Pecans and pralines together to create a sublime, nutty and buttery taste to help wake your senses up every morning.

Its Vanilla Rendez-vous coffee is smooth and sweet with a vanilla flavor that will amaze even the most experienced coffee drinker.

Thanks to TryProducts, you can claim your free sample of Golden Made Kafé coffee as either a 4-oz. bag of your preferred flavor or in a 12-pack of K-Cup pods. This allows you to be able to try this new coffee brand no matter what gadgets you may or may not have in your kitchen (i.e. a coffee maker or a Keurig).

Golden Made Kafé’s products can only be found online and are not in-stores, so if you would like to get your hands on its coffee, the best ways to do it are to order it from Golden Made Kafé’s website or to claim your free samples from TryProducts.

Golden Made Kafé is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC) and is set to expand its product offerings in the future with new items such as teas, instant coffees and other types of soft beverages.

If you would like to connect with Golden Made Kafé on social media, give the brand a like on Facebook, a follow on Twitter and a follow on Instagram.

About TryProducts

TryProducts is an extensive website that partners with companies across the country to help garner and stir-up brand recognition by offering samples of their very best products.

The companies and brands TryProducts partners with vary greatly, but can include other food brands, healthcare brands, beauty product brands and so many more.

If you would like to apply to sample Golden Made Kafé’s flavored coffee, then you simply need to register with TryProducts. If you are deemed eligible—and most people will be found to be eligible—you will have coffee samples sent directly to your doorstep.

Once you brew and taste your freshly made cup of Golden Made Kafé coffee, make sure you leave a review on TryProducts’ website and on Golden Made Kafé’s website. In fact, there are already 37 five-star reviews on the TryProducts’ website for Golden Made Kafé’s coffee.

Are you ready to sample Golden Made Kafé’s coffee for yourself? Then register with TryProducts and apply to receive samples of this high-quality, flavorful coffee today.